Riaya Farm Care Program

When “Going Beyond Feed” was coined as the slogan for Agrivita, we made a commitment to ensure the future development of the livestock market in the UAE. Keeping in line with this vision we are proud to introduce and launch the Riaya Farm Care Program. The Riaya Farm Care Program will support and educate local farmers on how to achieve sustainable food security and achieve higher yields through Agrivita’s extensive product range.

The end goal of this program is to provide superior produce for the people of the UAE by ensuring livestock are healthy through nutrition-based and top-quality feeds. When livestock are properly nurtured the end result is healthier growth rates, higher productivity and optimal yields.

Times have changed and requirements for livestock and food quality have also changed. The Riaya Farm Care Program helps farmers to keep with the times and requirements to develop livestock care in line with modern methods. A team of specialists from the Riaya Farm Care Program will provide planned nutrition and integrated care for the livestock according to the ages and stages of each animal’s lifespan. The team will have periodic follow-ups and adjustments to ensure livestock is kept healthy. The Riaya Farm Care Program is designed to support all farms seeking to develop their livestock and increase their productivity to achieve greater returns on investment.

Riaya Farm Care Program is a new step towards opening new horizons in the world of livestock investment and a significant contribution to supporting sustainable local farming.




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