Who We Are

We are Agrivita, your trusted animal feed brand from Abu Dhabi since 1981. We are a modern and ambitious provider of performance and value oriented animal feed solutions. Well balanced commercially and nutritionally, our feed is designed to improve both business and animals.

As the acknowledged pioneers in the Gulf region’s animal feed industry and the UAE market leaders, we still pursue innovation as essential to progress. We also believe that all our farmers should be able to rely on a consistent service and uninterrupted supply. That’s why we ensure we always have the capacity to meet the demand for superior quality animal feed products.

Year after year, our pioneering products and real world wisdom improve the condition of animals and the commercial health of businesses.

Together, we are always the right mix.

Our Values

As part of Agthia Group and Grand Mills, we share the same commitment to wholehearted living and apply the same values to everything we do.

Expert - We utilize our extensive experience and expertise to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality in our products and services.

Ambitious - We are committed to innovation, product enhancement and new product development which address real market and customer needs.

Collaborative - Working together as one team, we foster valuable and mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We build trust and learning through sharing experience and knowledge.

Inspiring - We are enthusiastic and inspired to explore new opportunities; and in turn, we encourage and support our customers and partners to fulfill their goals and achieve greater success.

Our Story

In 1978, Grand Mills was established under the patronage of the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in line with his vision of ensuring food security and creating sustainable communities. Initially flour and silo based, animal feeds followed in 1981 with both activities incorporated into Agthia Group in 2004.

It is our search for constant improvement that has led us to the decision to take a more specialized route. Of course, we are still proudly part of Agthia and share their values to enable wholehearted living. But by moving away from the shared flour and feed business model, we can now bring a single-minded focus to the things that matter most to you - the farmer.

Hence, in 2014 we launched Agrivita - the specialized feed that's going even further beyond feed to concentrate solely on ways to enhance your future.

Wholehearted Care (People Working With Expertise)

We work proactively with farmers, balancing animal welfare, value for money and nutritional performance to create the optimal feed mix. Applying cutting edge nutrition and feed manufacturing technology, we devise and implement animal nutrition programs.

Our full time nutritionists and pathologists host educational events, seminars and product schools. They regularly visit farms to share expertise through data storing, to give technical advice and conduct benchmarking.

Alongside this, our nutritional technical advice and correct farming support help you maintain your animals in top condition. We believe that by helping to sustain good farms, we will do good business.

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