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Close to Community For years now, Agrivita has been closely following all the pillars that stand on the foundation of “wholehearted living.” Committed to going “Beyond Feed,” we consistently empower farmers and help them succeed by reaching out to them and staying connected with the community. Read more
Our Extensive Product Range With over 50 types of feed, our superior quality specialized feed solutions provide the right nutrition for every age and production stage of your animals. All our products are 100% natural, free from animal origin ingredients, artificial coloring, preservatives, additives and chemicals. Read more
Quality You Can Trust We take pride in our uncompromising focus on quality. From the selection of the finest raw materials to the stringent manufacturing processes we adhere to, in accordance with international best practices, we consistently ensure safe superior quality products. Read more
Who We Are We are Agrivita, your trusted animal feed brand from Abu Dhabi since 1981. We are a modern and ambitious provider of performance and value oriented animal feed solutions. Well balanced commercially and nutritionally, our feed is designed to improve both business and animals. Read more

You Care, We Care...

At Agrivita, we understand how much you care about your animals’ welfare, and we care about you and your animals as well. That’s why we are proud to present to you Agrivita Ya Hala Farming Community Programme - “You Care, We Care”.

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Wholehearted Care (People Working with Expertise)

We work proactively with farmers, balancing animal welfare, value for money and nutritional performance to create the optimal feed mix. Applying cutting edge nutrition and feed manufacturing technology, we devise and implement animal nutrition programs.

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